Crossing The Border…To LA

Blog World,

I’ve missed you. After a brief absence last week, I must admit that this post may be bleak, but it is in preparation for something large. Over the next three weeks, I will be in many different states, or borders if you will. I plan on searching out, and successfully (of course) finding all of the best border foods around.

I will be Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Denver already, but wait! There’s more! But I don’t quite know where yet. I will be covering the University of Arizona men’s basketball team as they progress through the tournament, and will attempt to interview the players (for this blog only) and get the exclusive interview on their favorite Mexican restaurants in every city we frequent.

Not enough you say? How about a full synopsis of every Mexican restaurant I visit (which will be a lot, because face it, I can eat) I want to interview people in cities where a large hispanic theme or culture might not be prevalent, so stay tuned. Hope all is well with you blog world, give my best to the little bloggers around the world.

Blog Budish

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My Super Exciting Weekend

Hello Blog World,

I figured I would write this post today seeing if I would have time to scarf down some delicious border inspired food to give some information to you all. However, I have not left my bed since Friday and since there is no border restaurants in my bedroom, I may have failed you border world.

But no! Even in my weakened state, I found a way to relate my illness to the border world.

I was in so much pain on Saturday, that I did not think it could get much worse. But I find that every time I say that, it does. I couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t keep any food down. I wanted to relieve some congestion in my flu ridden nose, and found out that my roommate used all the cough and flu medicine when he was sick, and we didn’t have any more (yay poor college students!) Instead of going to the market (because that would be easy) I looked in our fridge and found a Habanero pepper. I figured what the heck, can’t be any worse than I feel, (wrong again), and popped the sucker into my mouth. Now mind you, I am deathly allergic to green, red, and yellow bell peppers, and had no idea if I was to Habanero peppers, displaying my awesome common sense yet again.

After about 10 seconds of chewing, I felt a strong burning in my mouth, which is the first stage of what happens when I have my allergic reaction to peppers, but I did not panic because I remembered I had one of the hottest peppers in the world in my mouth. 30 seconds passed, and I hadn’t died yet, which I took as a good sign. I swallowed the pepper, cheated death and then…a miracle. My nose began to clear, and my stomach actually felt a bit better. Over the course of the weekend, I ate more Habaneros, each time feeling a little better. Did I find a weird cure to the flu? No, probably not, but hey, at least I found a cool connection to the border in my bedroom.

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Lets Talk Shop

Last time we talked about the “king of late night Mexican food,” but I’m here to tell you know, on my very own blog…who is  the close second, but the winner of the best breakfast burrito of them all.

The Taco Shop Co. on 1350 East Broadway Boulevard, makes hands down the best steak, egg, and cheese burrito this side of the border, (and believe me, over the course of four years in this fair city, I’ve had my fair share of these burritos.) Unlike its main competition, this burrito you don’t need to be up at four in the morning (studying of course) to enjoy.  The quality is on another level, as is the salsa. Add a splash of the mild, with a kick of the hot, and one spicy carrot, and your pallet will be watering (if it isn’t already).

Because of its size and location, the Taco Shop can take the extra time to make each meal with the same quality as the one before it. All the food is superb, and cheap which is a definite positive in this college community, but the breakfast burritos are a must try for any first timer or non-believer. Don’t take my word for it, take a look below, and go try for yourself.

A job well done

A steak, egg, and cheese burrito from The Taco Shop Co.


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Burritos On A Budget: A Look at Los Betos

How do you describe a late night craving? It seems like it could be different for every person, on every night. That’s what’s amazing about border food in Tucson, there’s something for everyone, all the time.

The arguable “king” of late night Tucson Mexican food is Los Betos.

Perhaps the most popular late night food spot for the University of Arizona students, Los Betos offers a selection of Mexican food for the cheapest of prices, open for 24 hours a day. With multiple locations all around the city, one of the more popular dishes from “betos” has to be the breakfast burritos. Steak, Chicken, or Chorizo all compliment the eggs and potatoes that accompany the flour tortilla, and all for a great price.

Los Betos was recently voted number 25 on “The 50 Best Late Night College Eats” according to

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be intoxicated to enjoy a great eating experience at Los Betos. A flavor of spices and authentic preparation accompany a style of cooking that one would find right on the border of Nogales, leaving the hungry student or visitor to Tucson satisfied with the type of greasy, home cooked, indulgent food that one could only find in a hole in the wall, hidden gem like Los Betos.

The food review? No problem. My recommendation has to be the carne-asada quesadilla. The perfect blend of authentic cheeses, greased tortillas, and overstuffed carne-asada. It’s a nice compliment to a great night of hanging out with friends, driving around, or looking for the best border food in Tucson (like yours truly).

I hope that if you haven’t tried Los Betos, that you try it soon. Don’t just listen to the downsides of the “lower-end” Tucson area dining, because sometimes, you’ll find that perfect gem, that burrito on a budget.

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Things Are Cooking…

To start off the first post on my new blog, I feel like this should be an explanation posting. I wanted to dedicate my blog on the ideals of lifestyle through border cooking. More importantly, taking the food most associated with the border towns of Arizona, and finding them in Tucson, for the residents to find the hidden gems of the city.

The idea of comfort through home style cooking is very important to society as a whole, and could be a very good look into the way people on the border of Arizona and Mexico live and eat in everyday life. From the most obvious types of customs and traditional foods, to the lesser known and lesser tasted delicacies of the border culture. The important aspect of finding these foods is connecting the Tucson community to other Southern Arizona communities, and giving the students at the University of Arizona, as well as the local residents, a chance to try something new and different over the course of the coming semester.

I hope you enjoy, have a chance to learn and try something new, and expand your border horizons!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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